Julio Mendez

Born in Buenos Aires, he started to dance tango 1993 when the tango culture was nearly forgotten and very few young people danced Tango in Buenos Aires. Tango was seen as a thing of the past that only the old people danced.

He had the privilege of learning with the old, original dancers who created this unique dance. Mingo and Ester Pugliese, Toto Faraldo, Raul Bravo, Pepito Avellaneda, Juan Carlos Copes, Gloria and Eduardo Arguinbao, Tete and Maria, and his own style derives from the old tradition.

He started a Tango school in Buenos Aires as the dance rose in popularity. He was for many years the organizer of one of the most popular Milongas in the history of tango in Buenos Aires: La Calesita. His international Tango carrier began in 1998 giving tango workshops for USA, Canada, France, Italy Germany, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland and  Portugal. He has founded Milongas and festivals around Europe such as Milongas el Tambito, Falcone, Casa Italia, Viadukt, Puntazo, Tango Festival in Luzern, and International Tango Meeting Alghero Sardinia. Since 2002 he is based in Zurich where he founded the tango school: Club el Social.

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